[TOOL] Android Master v0.2.5 UPDATED

Android Master - Suite

Link for Android Master Website

This is currently only for Windows


*+ GUI for ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
*+ Reboot to Download Mode, Recovery Mode, and Normal Reboot
*+ Device Information
*+ Start and kill ADB server
*+ Drag and Drop APK installer
*+ ZIP Flasher

*+ File Push/Pull
*+ Custom ADB Commands
*+ "ADB Shell" option
*+ Log and ADB Output text
*+ Wireless ADB Option
*+ Misc Commands
*+ Batch APK Installer (now also with folder, just put .apk files in the folder and install them all)
*+ Auto-updates
*+ .apk file association with the program, just double click a .apk file anywhere and install it really fast!
*+ Input program so you can control your device with the computer!!
*+ VNC Client to see your device's screen and control it.
*+ Stats for CPU Load, Battery COMPLETE INFO (Voltage, Charge %, etc)
*+ Wi-Fi Stats and Device's IP Address
*+ Battery Calibration! (Wipe Battery Stats)
*+ File Manager and Explorer!
*+ Many more features!!

++to do:



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